Neck Pain Relief in London

As the temperature continues to drop this winter, and the cold proceeds to permeate our muscles and bones, many of us are suffering from increased neck pain and overall muscle tension. On top of the prolonged cold, our busy schedules don’t slow down, adding stress to our already worn out bodies. Therefore, if you are afflicted by neck pain from the cold or stress, Synergy Massage offers massage therapy at our London facility to offset the negative effects of those long, winter months.

Impact of Cold

Cold weather can cause our muscles to lose heat and contract, causing tightness throughout our bodies. Muscles will start to lose their range of motion, joints begin to ache, and nerves can more easily be pinched. Muscles are forced to work harder in winter months versus hotter months in order to offset the adverse effects of the cold.

Increased stiffness and pain, especially in the neck and back, are more commonplace at this time of year. Those who already suffer from chronic illnesses and pain can see an elevation in their symptoms during this time as well. This is where Synergy Massage comes in, as we offer London residents relief from neck pain with our deep tissue massages and other services.

Impact of Stress

When we feel stressed and anxious, our body undergoes changes caused by this stress response. Stress hormones are secreted throughout our system to bring about physiological, psychological and emotional changes that enhance our body’s ability to deal with an imminent threat.

Tightening of the muscles is one of these effects, as tight muscles make the body more resilient to threats and attacks. When we experience stress for a prolonged amount of time, as many of us do in this fast-paced, working society, our body can remain in this state of perpetual alertness, referred to as stress-response hyper stimulation, causing our muscles to stay tight and resulting in prolonged pain and aches.

Seeking Relief

Dealing with the adverse effects that stress can have on our bodies can be tiring, doubly so during the long winter months, Canada is known for. Finding relief from neck pain and muscle tension caused by the cold weather and stressful schedules is easy when you visit Synergy Massage and undergo treatments from our expert massage therapists.

Our team will work with you, assessing your neck pain through special testing to find the best course of treatments, and inevitably, the best results for you and your body.

Further Information

Don’t let the cold aggravate you and your muscles this winter season. Offset the side effects of cold and stress, and find relief for your neck pain, when you visit Synergy Massage, located at 1635 Hyde Park Road in London.

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