Neck Pain at Synergy Massage

As 9 to 5 office jobs stay relevant and prevalent in our society, our lifestyles have slowly become sedentary in nature. Our muscles are not attuned to this stationary form of work. Because of this, our bodies are prone to neck pain and back pain that can cause overarching problems to your whole system. If you are suffering from acute neck pain, Synergy Massage will be able to help you!

Causes and Treatments

As modern technological innovations change the way we interact with the world, we spend more time sitting; whether it is at the office, in a car, on the couch watching TV, or an array of other stationary activities prevalent in this day and age, neck pain drastically rises. Roughly 14 to 71% of adults in North American experience neck pain at some point in their lives.

Small changes can be made in the workplace- find a comfortable chair, go for walks during your break, or eat a salad every once in a while to help mitigate the pain. Consuming leafy greens, especially broccoli, is known to delay arthritis and prevent cartilage degeneration within your joints.

In order to revitalize your whole body, it’s important to work those cramped muscles. Partaking in massages at Synergy Massage could assuage your neck pain and help prevent further damage. Prolonged suffering or chronic pain stemming from neck and back pain can disrupt your entire life. Therefore it’s imperative to take care of your body- especially when self-care could include a massage that can alleviate pain, and relax your body and mind all at the same time.

Why Choose Synergy Massage?

Synergy Massage approaches each neck differently, factoring in all of those variables in your day to day living. Our team members will work with your individual needs and lifestyle to asses and approach your neck pain the best way possible.

Treating neck pain at Synergy Massage does not just focus on managing the pain at that moment. Massage therapy with us is an all-encompassing procedure. Your appoint begins with the proper assessment of your condition, applying the right treatment techniques, and following up with important aftercare of therapeutic and restorative exercises- all working together to stop your neck pain and to prevent further suffering, allowing you to get back to a pain-free lifestyle.

All of our representatives at Synergy Massage are registered massage therapists, happy to help their clients return to a life without neck pain. Make an appointment with us today and say goodbye to neck pain!