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If you are suffering from TMJ, or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, and you are looking for a massage facility that works closely with a dental team that can help you reduce discomfort and pain, then you should consider TMJ treatment in London from Synergy Massage. Synergy Massage is located at 1635 Hyde Park Road in London, Ontario, and our facility specializes in a variety of massage therapies that our clients can take advantage of to help them relieve aches and pain, recover from a sports injury, reduce stress, and increase circulation to name a few. People with TMJ experience inflammation and pain of the chewing muscles around the jaw. For some, it’s a once-in-a-while issue that can come from too much chewing, like indulging in a piece of gum all afternoon. For others, however, TMJ disorder can be a chronic issue that results in constant pain and discomfort, and it for this reason that many patients choose to get TMJ treatment in London. The cause for this chronic condition is rather broad, but may be linked to stress fractures, an imperfect bite, tooth grinding or tooth clenching related to stress. If you are suffering with pain and discomfort caused by TMJ, then you should really consider a TMJ treatment in London from the professionals at Synergy Massage.


There are many ways that a TMJ treatment in London can help you relieve your jaw, neck and face muscle pain. Some of these ways are:

Kneading Massage:
A kneading massage involves your massage therapist using their fingers to provide a constant, circular motion against the joints and muscles that are most affected, and most likely the cause of your TMJ pain.

Friction Massage:
Friction massage works well on the mandible muscle, which is the lower portion of your jaw found along your jawline. Because everyone’s pain receptors respond differently, your TMJ treatment therapist may need to wade through some trial-and-error to find the spot and amount of pressure that works best for you.

Stretching Massage:
If you find relief while your therapist presses on the mandible muscle, they may want you to try a stretching TMJ treatment in London to further the relief process and effectively exercise the muscles most responsible for your TMJ disorder.

For more information about TMJ treatment in London or any other massage therapies at Synergy Massage, please feel free to continue browsing through our website. We can also be reached at [email protected] or by phone at (519)266-3600.