Reflexology at Synergy Centre in London

Reflexology at Synergy Centre in London

Alternative therapies are becoming increasingly popular with more and more information being readily available to the public about new and ancient healing modalities. Many individuals have asked us about reflexology in London, and we are proud to say that our team at Synergy Centre offers this highly therapeutic and effective treatment. Reflexology is an alternative therapy that many London residents are still quite unsure about, so we are here to help you understand what it entails and the benefits that you can reap from experiencing this deeply relaxing healing method.

What is Reflexology, and How Does it Work?

Reflexology is offered in London at Synergy Centre and is considered a compression massage that is applied to the feet in order to activate responses and reflexes that correspond with other parts of the body. Our hands, feet, and eyes are known as the maps of our bodies. Each of these body parts can tell us where we hold tension and illness or dis-ease internally. Reflexology is based on ancient Chinese practices dating back to 4,000 B.C. However, Indigenous tribes in North America have practiced similar forms of foot therapy for hundreds of years. Zone Therapy, which was re-discovered in China in the 16th Century, drew attention to the idea that our hands and feet act as mirrors to other parts of the body and by applying pressure to different areas of the feet, we can reduce pain and ailments or tension in the corresponding body parts.

Who is Reflexology For?

Reflexology in London at Synergy Centre may be beneficial for anyone who is experiencing emotional or physical tension, any form of disease or chronic illness, anxiety and or mental health issues, or can help pinpoint any areas in your body that need extra attention. For example, if you’ve been struggling with respiratory issues or congestion, you may be holding tension in the ball of your foot. See the image below for an idea of how the points on the bottom of your feet correspond to specific areas of your body. Of course, if you are having serious chronic health conditions, consult your family physician in addition to considering reflexology in London at Synergy Centre.