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 With the prevalence of alternative therapies the general public is becoming more aware of the difference between a “masseuse” and Registered Massage Therapist. A “masseuse” in London is a man or woman who provides general massage as part of his/her profession. A Registered Massage Therapist on the other hand is an academically trained professional who holds a protected title under the Regulated Health Professionals Act (RHPA). Some people sometimes confuse the two and nothing could be further from the truth and could cause harm.

“Masseuse” in London is an outdated term, and it is often associated with untrained, unlicensed workers who sometimes provide erotic massage services where there are no regulations or rules governing these establishments.


Why a Registered Massage Therapist in London?

A Massage Therapist in London is a regulated health professional that has met the educational requirements set forth by The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. Massage Therapists at Synergy Massage in London use the designations MT or RMT with their names.

A trusted option for a Massage Therapist as opposed to a “masseuse” in London will have a variety of qualities that make them effective with providing relief to their clients. Some of these qualities include:

Assessment and Health History Intake: A good massage therapist will take the time to understand a client’s concerns and assess each and every client based on their individual need. Specialized range of motion and muscle tests allows the therapist to make an educated determination with respect to cause, mechanism, and degree of various conditions.

Treatment Plan and Goal Setting: A great massage therapist can devise a treatment plan based on a client’s individual need and work with a client to achieve his/her goals in maintaining optimum health as well as pain relief.

Remedial Exercise Therapy: A great massage therapist can prescribe various remedial exercise therapies and will instruct their clients how to perform them safely and effectively. This is an integral part of rehabilitation whether someone suffers from a chronic condition or an injury.

Knowledge of Proper Technique: A great massage therapist in London has extensive knowledge of the techniques used in a variety of massage types to ensure a result based massage therapy experience. Massage Therapists can also refer clients to alternative health care practitioners such as Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Physicians, and Dentists to further a client’s health care needs.


Synergy Massage Therapy in London is an integrated health care facility providing alternative care in Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Medical Esthetics, Esthetics, and family medicine. At Synergy Massage, our staff is made up of Registered Massage Therapists and not to be confused with the term ‘masseuse’ in London. 

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