Massage Spa at Synergy Massage

Living in a nonstop society can put undue stress on our bodies and our minds. It is crucial to stop and relax every once in a while as not to feel overwhelmed by the overstimulation that our lives can bring us. Synergy Massage can provide you with a massage spa, offering a range of massages that will have you feeling relaxed and stress-free by the time you leave our facility.

Our facility is located in London and offers an array of stress-reducing services performed by our registered massage therapists at Synergy Massage. Continue to read on to learn about the services and treatments our spa facility can offer you!

Not Just for Stress

Our massage spa at Synergy Massage can do more for you than relieve the stress in your body, it can also treat muscle aches, sports injuries, chronic pain and anxiety. We aim to provide you with a massage experience that will give you the revitalization you were looking for. Whether it is in mind, body, or spirit, our facility can cater to you and your needs to recharge and regain your overall health.

Massages can enhance mental clarity and increase performance and alertness of the mind, as well as the body. Our massage therapists offer psychotherapeutic treatments; a type of physical therapy that helps to heal the mind and the body, managing stress and reducing anxiety.

Health History

We have our clients fill out a confidential health history form so that we can provide them with the best care possible. By understanding the pain in your body and the history of your health, our massage therapists can pinpoint your problem areas and have you feeling healthier and happier than when you first came in.

Gentle body massages can stimulate the natural healing process of our bodies and aid in the recovery of injuries and muscle pain. By informing us of your previous strains, sprains fractures, and the like, our massage therapists can provide you with various integrative manual therapies intended for stimulating the whole body system into recovery, jump starting those old injuries into healing.

All of our massage therapists are wholly knowledgeable and fully trained and licensed to provide you with the best care possible. They know what they are doing so you can feel safe and secure placing your overall health in their hands.

Our massage spa at Synergy Massage can help you bring about your overall health optimization- so book an appointment with us today to get your mind and body’s revitalization underway!