Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Massage?

Obtaining professional massages from a registered massage therapist is a great way to relax the body, ease muscle tension, and boost the immune system. But is there such a thing as too much massage? In this article by Synergy Massage, we will be discussing when too many massage sessions start to become counterproductive to your body, and how you can achieve the most optimal health results,  so please read on to find out! 

Pre-Existing Conditions And Injuries 

Massage therapy is a great way to recuperate from injuries faster and can be vital for helping athletes reach peak physical fitness when playing sports. However, too much manipulation of sensitive areas and injured muscles is actually detrimental to the body’s natural recovery process. It is essential to discuss your conditions or injuries with our registered massage therapists, as they can tell you the best course of action and what and how many massage therapy sessions you will need to start feeling your best. 

As The Only Form Of Treatment

There are many health benefits to receiving routine massage therapy, but if you rely on massages alone, these results won’t help you in the long run. It is crucial to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle, so think about obtaining massages alongside the application of a healthy diet, regular exercise, routine sleep, and other wellness practices, to achieve long-lasting, positive results. 

Deep Tissue Massages 

Deep tissue massage is a very intense form of massage therapy and should only be received weekly or monthly. Having this massage performed on you daily could leave you with micro-tears in the muscle, and delayed onset muscle pain. In small amounts though, deep tissue massages are a great way to rid oneself of chronic pain and muscle tension. 

Our Facility 

When obtaining massages, it is always important to enlist the services of a trained professional. Our registered massage therapists have the training, knowledge, and experience, to facilitate safe massage practices to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle overall. They can discuss the different techniques and styles and find one that will suit your needs and produce the optimal results on your body. 

So is there such a thing as too much massage? London residents who visit us at Synergy Massage can know for sure when they make an appointment with one of our trained massage therapists today! 

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