Target Areas For Hot Stone Massage 

With over 2,000 years of practice, hot stone massages have been used by many different cultures throughout our history, bringing this relaxing and healing massage therapy to the modern day. In this article by Synergy Massage we will discuss the target areas for our hot stone massage, and how obtaining one from our London facility could help you greatly, so please read below to find out more! 

The Face 

Hot stones can be placed on the face to help ease tension in the muscles. In some cases, cold stones can be placed on the face afterwards, as the cold temperature calms swollen blood vessels and soothes hot skin in the process.

The Chest And Stomach 

Hot stones can be placed on the pecks and the sternum to help open up the muscles, so the chest can take in more air and increase oxygen and blood flow throughout the body. Those with stomach problems, such as IBS, can have stones placed on the abdomen to help offset these adverse effects.

The Palms 

Those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis in the hand joints can benefit significantly from this form of massage therapy, as the heat from the stones can lessen pain and improve range of motion. 

The Spine And Back

For those who carry much of their stress and tension in their back and neck muscles, hot stones placed on either side of the spine can ease muscle tension, decrease spasms, and reduce inflammation in the process. The back is also the perfect place for our massage therapists to use the stones in their hand, and perform long strokes and circular movements to get deeper into the muscles without too much pressure, helping you to relax further. 

The Legs And Feet

Muscle aches that occur in the legs can easily be remedied with this massage therapy. Again, those who suffer from autoimmune diseases that affect the joints in the knees and feet can have stones placed on the back of the knees, and the bottoms of the feet to help ease the pain and relax the body entirely. 

From our face to your feet, the target areas for a hot stone massage will differ based on the stress, tension, and pain you carry in your body. To experience the relaxing and refreshing effects of this type of massage, a visit to Synergy Massage and our London facility is all it takes! Residents can conveniently find us at 1635 Hyde Park Rd. 

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