Hot Stone Massage for London Residents

During a hot stone massage in London, here at Synergy Massage, smooth, flat, basalt stones (volcanic rock) are placed on different parts of your body to soak in the warmth and ease away pain and tension. They can even be held by our massage therapists to deliver different massage techniques across your body. Our rocks are typically water heated to a temperature of around 130 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hot stone massage affords you total control over where you want these heated stones placed on your body, as the localization of the rocks can pinpoint different issues you may be having in your body. Please continue to read through this post to learn how different parts of the body are affected by this marvelous heat treatment.


Many of us carry the adverse effects of stress in our shoulder and back muscles. When we are stressed or even anxious, stress hormones flood our system and cause our muscles to contract and tighten as a means to deal with the impending threat. As our back muscles are some of the biggest in our body, they carry much of the tension that stress and anxiety cause our system.

Hot stone massage offered at our London facility, are a great way to ease those knots out of your back and take away the pain from the stress and anxiety in life. At Synergy Massage, we can place our hot stones all along your spine and shoulders to pinpoint those muscles and heat away those aches and pains.

Chest and Stomach

Studies suggest that hot stone massages can improve cardiovascular functions, and even help with nausea, as one study in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management suggests. Placing the heated volcanic rock on your chest and stomach can pinpoint these problem areas, delivering localized heat to offset these negative manifestations.

Hands and Feet

Rheumatoid arthritis usually occurs in the hand joints and feet joints, causing inflammation, swelling, and pain. Hot stone massages performed at Synergy Massage at our London facility can help reduce the pain and swelling of this autoimmune disease while increasing joint flexibility in ways that other treatments might not be able to.

Further Information

Looking for a treatment that can ease away pain and stress in specific parts of your body? Hot stone massages performed by our expert Synergy Massage therapists at our London facility are a great way to do it.

Feel free to continue to peruse our website at your leisure, or contact us online for further information on our services, or to book an appointment today!