Aromatherapy at Synergy Massage

Humans have the ability to detect up to one trillion different odours, making it the strongest sense of taste, touch, sight, and sound. With Aromatherapy at Synergy Massage, we utilize the most active human sense to bring about the best results to our client’s overall well-being.

Aromatherapy is the use of natural aromatic oils garnered from an array of flowers, stems, leaves, roots, and other botanicals components to improve a person’s physical and mental health through the sense of smell. By combining natural materials known to alleviate stress and raise biological receptors, combined with our different forms of massages, Synergy Massage can provide top of the line care to all of their clientele.

To learn more about what aromatherapy at Synergy Massage could do for you, read on.


This form of therapy can benefit the user in numerous ways. Above all, aromatherapy can reduce anxiety and boost energy levels, alleviate depression and eliminate headaches, heighten cognitive functions and increase circulation, expedite healing and strengthen the immune system- all at the same time!

With a wide variety of essential oils at your disposal, it is easy to find an aromatherapy that pinpoints your specific health problems. All of the natural components used are known to stimulate different parts of your body and mind to bring about positive results to your health. That’s why aromatherapy at Synergy Massage could do a world of good to your physical, psychological, spiritual, and overall wellbeing!


Aromatherapy is used through two primary forms of administration: inhalation or topical application. Breathing in or the process of deeply inhaling these smells can release a host of beneficial bodily functions. This is known as the vapour technique of aromatherapy. Medical practitioners advise not to ingest essential oils, as oral insertion can cause liver or kidney damage.

Topical application is our forte here at Synergy Massage, as we combine aromatherapy with many of our massages. As our masseuses massage these essential oils directly into your skin, they are absorbed through the epidermis and can travel throughout the bloodstream to improve your body and mind’s state of being even before your appointment reaches its close!

Synergy Massage harnesses the restorative powers of all natural herbal and floral material by using aromatherapy to induce positive health changes in your body.

Other stimulating substances can give you some of the same benefits, but can also cause harmful effects on your system- such as coffee or energy drinks. So why not skip out on the addictive substances and try our aromatherapy techniques here at Synergy Massage. For more details on aromatherapy, contact us here or schedule an appointment today!