Fix Back Pain With Massage

Massage therapy has become an increasingly popular treatment for back pain. But is massage merely a short-term “feel good” remedy or does it actually help your back? Let’s start by remembering that most back pain begins with problems in the musculoskeletal system such as muscle imbalances and trigger points. Since massage works directly on your muscles and connective tissue (myofascia), it can be a help. How much depends largely on the type of massage and experience of the RMT. If you are looking to fix your back pain with massage, we encourage you to continue reading this article by Synergy Massage.

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Massage can help treat your back pain

People get a massage for many reasons. Some might try massage first for back pain relief after an accident. Others might include it as part of a spa day to pamper themselves. Either way, massage provides a number of health benefits. Massage aids in the removal of toxins from muscle tissue. It also enhances blood flow which accelerates the flushing of these waste materials out of your body. This will help alleviate muscle soreness from this waste product buildup. Studies show massage carries a number of other benefits as well. It is believed to boost the immune system, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, and even help migraines. At Synergy Massage, many of our clients come to us for massage to fix their back pain.

What types of massage can help to fix back pain?

Some of the most effective massage techniques for back pain include:

Swedish Massage:

Generally soothing, it involves the use of kneading and friction in long strokes and deep circular movements. Most well-known massage techniques fall under the heading of Swedish Massage. While this technique is popular and feels good, this category of massage would not be one of the most effective for back pain, though it may help.

Myofascial Therapy:

Targeting the muscles and fascia, myofascial therapy promotes flexibility and mobility. This type of massage comes in two general forms, indirect and direct. Indirect myofascial massage uses a light pressure to gently release tension in the fascia. Direct myofascial massage techniques, particularly deep tissue massage and rolfing, uses intense pressure from the RMT’s knuckles, elbows, or other tools to directly release bound fascia.

Trigger Point Therapy:

Since trigger points are the primary cause of pain as much as 75% of the time and contribute to virtually all pain, massage focused on relieving the tiny knotted muscle fibers deep in your muscle is a particularly effective method of addressing back pain. These tiny knots are painful and tender when pressed and can refer pain far from their source. By placing deep, direct pressure on these trigger points it can break the cycle of pain caused by the knotted muscle. Massage can be a very effective form of treatment to fix back pain.

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